Flowlights have a Lifetime Warranty??

So if you've been following me you would know that back in the beginning of November I broke a flowlight and havent been able to make a new video since. Well I recenetly was introduced to Flowtoys' Lifetime warranty that i had no idea about. Basically heres the deal :

If the light is defective/not working and not physically damaged (cracks or split shell), they will replace it for free.
If the light is defective and physically damaged (cracked, split), they will replace it for $9.50/light+$2/shipping (US) or $3/overseas.

...not bad for a badass Poi toy..VVVVVVVVV

To protect and entertain, In party we trust, Them other DJs ain't fuckin' with us!

Another 1 of yet my favorite DJ's, who is also behind the Day & Night Kid Cudi Remix! CROOKERS!

Haunted GSC Collaboration

These guys are SICK! Since I'm so low on cash instead of Led lights I'll most likely be glowsticking. I would also like to throw fire here in the near future. Maybe i should buy kerosene and wait on getting glowsticks??? lemme know what you guys think


Poi Pendants: New Version

This little Video Caught my attention and just thought i would share. Just found it kinda cool that I wear puka shells and had no idea that they were in any relation to Poi whatsoever. I dont know if these Pendants aremade of puka shells but they have the same look to them. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

"I don't know which came first: shitty rave music, drugs..."

This, ladies and gentleman, Is AC Slater, Current Favorite DJ, transforming a Henry Rollins rant on raves into a sick track. Enjoy!

"I don't know which came first: shitty rave music, drugs..."

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Do Stars Spawn Giant Black Holes?

Do Stars Spawn Giant Black Holes?


On December 19 ECLECTIC GROOVES AND M.I.A. present a night of pure jungle drum n bass sickness! Any fan of jungle drum n bass would be nuts to miss this night that will feature Danny The Wildchild, Phantom 45, Alfonz De La Mota and Stunna, the top 4 chicago dnb representatives taking Chicago to cities all over the nation! along with an east coast don DSTAR.

DSTAR, metalheads,human, freak, intabeats - Philadelphia
Danny The Wildchild, sur america, canvas - Chicago
Phantom 45, bbp, lava - Chicago
Hired Guns (Alfonz De La Mota & MC Infinity) m.i.a., chicago/akron
DJ Stunna, bassdrive.com, fokus, defunked-Chicago
Phil Freeart, original rave master! - chicago
Mega Mike, konkrete jungle chicago, tfu, m.i.a. - chicago
Riverman vs M1D1, combat records, untouchable m.i.a. djs - chicago
KODE X, original soljazz crew, m.i.a. chicago (bday set!)

more info and location call day of event :

eclectic grooves :: 773 353 2222
m.i.a. djs - http://mia.rollin.com (address posted on front page day of event)
$10 w flyer $15 w o
secret underground venue. 1 room, 1 vibe.

Local Flavor VS Edition

Start Time: Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time: Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 5:00am
Location: Chicago, IL


Double the DJ's!
Double the Excitement!
Double the Flavor!

Local Flavor VS Edition features some exciting, never seen before versus action on a raised stage with our patented SBSIT extreme lighting and sound setups! You've been to our parties before? Then you know what to expect and you know that we never disappoint!

Local Flavor VS Edition
January 9th 2010
Chicago, IL

Doors 9PM - 5AM


http://www.seismicbass.com <--- DO IT ASAP!
Numbers on the list will receive a text message the day of the party with the all the info you need to rock your face off! Feel free to pass the text along to your friends, we encourage that! Just don't post it online!





No outside drinks, No ins & outs, No weapons, SBSIT Security On site! Be Safe and Smart! Dont bring anything to the door that's illegal! Use your heads!



Thrasher VS Tack Selector (Milwuakee WI)








Promotional support from:

Eclectic Grooves, True Family Unit, Source, Cloud 9, Lunar Dance Unit & Floasis!


I'm Hurt

its Been a while since my last post but there is a good reason for all that. bout a month ago I both Caught SWINE FLU and tore my ACL in the SAME DAY!!! I know, ridiculous right?? I have just getting back to walking more comfortably and glowsticking more often, so I'm getting better but its not moving along as swiftly as I'd like it to.
ALMOST FORGOT. I now only have 1 functioning flowlight ssooooooo wont be postin any new videos soon until I can get some more. You should help me out with that by clicking the"donate" link on the left hand side of the page.

Well I just thought I would Update for whoever does read my blog.


I Broke a Flowlight=( ...DONATE!!

WTF.. I hate always being broke=6. I got peeps though that are gunna teach me how to be a hustla haha. You should help me help you by sending me a donation though my paypal link on the right side of the page("Help Nick Buy New Batteries" link). I need new flow lights so that i can continue to entertain you all=).


Wristcutters: A Love Story

This is a Great Movie Everyone should look into seeing. Its a very interesting take on what happens in the after life.

Be Prepared for 2012

Be Prepared For 2012 - The Annunaki Taught The Summerians - Watch more funny videos here

Be Prepared For 2012 - Teachings of The Summerians - More bloopers are a click away

Glowsticking.com Meetups: Bay Area Summer Compilation 2006

Woodstock Trailer August 28, 2009

Michigan Peace Fest Pt 2

2009 Willow Ranch Music Fest will be held August 21st-23rd at the Willow Ranch

1/2 mile north of Lacota Michigan

price of tickets is $40.00 at the gate $30.00 in advance

For day passes on Saturday $30.00 Children under 12 free

Sorry no pets due to past problems

Free Camping Free Parking (for long term parking) $5.00 for short term parking

Shuttle Bus to local stores, Motels and swimming

Bim Willow's Ranch- 95 60th street, Lacota, MI, 49056

Call 269-253-4306
*Signage to the event will be clear!
1/2 mile north of Lacota, MI

8 Miles East of South Haven

40 minutes from Kalamazoo
2 hours from Chicago

1 hour from Grand Rapids

BE CLEAN and Respectful of the property and EARTH
This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, pack it out if you bring it.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Poi

Dude, Where's My Tent??

Michigan Peace Fest

Just got back from Peace Fest Yesterday.
So to describe my Peace Fest '09 experience only 1 word is needed... AWESOME.
Throwing fire, relaxing, and enjoying life to the fullest is what i did my 3 day stay there. Compared to last year i had pretty much the same amount of fun... actually i had more fun last year but thats only cause i went there this year just over broke.
Hence , now i had broke.
Next Week is "Dude, Wheres My Tent". I might be attending that but I'm not completely sure just yet. Well til my next post, Plur, seeya later, enjoy life cause theres a lot of things in this world making hard to.

Making My own Fire Poi: Cathedral

I know its been a while since my last post but i Promise to updating more often.
I finally got my ingedients to make my Fire Poi. Now all I need to do is set a time so I can put it all together.

Thank you Luxotica Enterprises for the Instructions for building my Poi.

BkNickMay Promo Video

Song : Sugalumps By Flight of the Conchords

Street Dreams

Derrick Cabrera, like all skateboarders, dreams of being sponsored one day. He has all the talent in the world to make it happen but some major roadblocks to overcome before he can make the dream a reality. He is receiving pressure from all sides, his parents are stressing him because he is failing in school, his girlfriend thinks he is a loser, his best friend has become his rival because he is better than him. Things come to a head after Derrick gets arrested and a fight ensues with his father resulting in him running away from home. He does the only thing he knows how to do and opts to follow his dream to the Tampa Am contest, one of the only ways an unknown skater can get noticed.


Play Poi When Circles Dream

Tees For Sale

These are BkNickMay Signature Tees. Comes in Different Sizes and colors. Store will be set up soon but until then Email: BkNickMay@Gmail.com to order.

Last Day of High School

Yes, That would be Me in the Panda Costume lol^^^^^^^^^

A Techno Movie

I'm performing for Parties!!!!

I'm currently offering my poi talents to entertain parties...for a fee of course=9.

For more information or to schedule a show, call 269-978-8600 and ask for nick OR e-mail me at Bknickmay@gmail.com with the subject "Poi show". specify weather lights of fire is desired.

Thank you.

Nick Got His Job Back

After being relieved of my duties as master dishwasher last winter, I finally am rehired. I'm pretty pumped. Been pretty broke without it and nowhere else has been hiring, but now guess you can say I'm "Just-over-broke" with this job. What sucks now though is that now I probably am going to be promoted to a Co-chef. I hate preparing myself meals lets alone cook someone Else's dinner.

I'm gunna be rockin the chef hat and coat like a pro!!!
(I'll look better than him tho)vvvvv xD

Glowsticking w/ a bit of FreeHanding

This would Be a friend of mine raving it up in his bedroom. haha. He's actually the person who got me into stringing. ENJOY=)!!!

Self-Improvement: Mental Inertia

Self-Improvement: Mental Inertia: "Mentally see the result of your action and picture the excellent result (this will motivate you into action),
Start moving physically, and the brain will follow suit,
Start small and pause to see actual result from this small step,
When the mode is up, do not stop till you are satisfied,
Rest when you feel tired ( otherwise you will feel stress up and anxiety will creep in),
Think positively,
Be aware that nothing is lost when you 'actioned'; staying put causes more harm, and
Believe in yourself; 'I can do it' mentality."

Boredom-an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them

Which is EXACTLY what all of my day consisted of today. I was borderline to la la LOSING MY MIND. Thing is I wasnt really lonely at any point of the day but the Boredom was eating me alive.

Were not even past the climax of spring break and i was bored... not a good sign. So today, as i watched in extreme boredom at my friend carving wood, his cousin uttered the words that turned my day around somewhat.

He said, "Spring break is what you make of it". I pondered on that statement for a mere 60 seconds before I was out the door saying "SEEYA". I' realized that what he said doesnt only apply to spring break, but also applies to all of life in general. If I think of school as being boring then of course schools going to be boring. It's all about mindset, Which can also be described as mental inertia.

My mindset did a complete 180 once he said that, and I thank him for saving my day=). See, 1 of my biggest pet peeves is the wasting of MY time.(wanna piss me off??...just waste my time)

Heres a few tips I found to help with anyone that has Boredom problems like i do and how to overcome it:

  1. Mentally see the result of your action and picture the excellent result (this will motivate you into action),
  2. Start moving physically, and the brain will follow suit,
  3. Start small and pause to see actual result from this small step,
  4. When the mode is up, do not stop till you are satisfied,
  5. Rest when you feel tired ( otherwise you will feel stress up and anxiety will creep in),
  6. Think positively,
  7. Be aware that nothing is lost when you "actioned"; staying put causes more harm, 
  8. and Believe in yourself; "I can do it" mentality.

Hoped this has helped SOMEONE...ANYONE =9
Well I'm out of here.



AHHHH I Finally have come up with a Blogger template that I can actually say that I'm "comfortable" with. Its about 3:30 am and now I am going to bed. And after an all-day Registration for Lake Michigan Community College, I'm now also comfortable with the fact that I am Graduating from, what others may like to refer to as, the hellhole known Lakeshore High School=).

Now Lake Michigan College(LMC) wasn't my first choice, but I guess that's what I get for blowing high school off as much as I did. But whatever, its cheaper than the alternative so YAY ME xD. Not to mention its got some pretty sweet skate spots.

WELP, im going to get some ZZZZZZZ's so I'm well rested to rip up Kiwanis Skatepark tommorrow on my badass "Flip" "Mark Appleyard" Deck with "Tensor" Trucks, "Element" wheels, and "Black Panther" SWISS bearings (fast as shit lol...). Just had to brag a bit haha, night.



ComingSoon: Newsletter

I am currently in the process of getting a Newsletter set up. The Newsletter will update Subscribers on Upcoming events, the newest lights and glow sticks/toys, The latest poi clothing, and much more.

Check back soon to join=)



My mom taped me the other day giving some friends a light show for the first time...the feedback is HILARIOUS!!!!

These are just a few of my pics that ive taken of me throwing my led poi.


Hey, I'm Nick May, and this is my blog =). I'm a 17 year old senior in high school, A skateboarder, an only child, a guitar hero god, and overall just an easy going, take each day as it comes, kind of guy. oh, and i got really cool hair=).

The purpose for me starting this is to promote Poi, Freehanding, and PLUR(Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). I have been throwing poi for about 7 months now and ever since I've started its just been one of those things thats just hard for me to stop. You can call it an addiction but addiction is such a negative word so I would rather you like to think of it as a Passion of mine.

Growing up, I've been told I'm creative, and I've been told I'm artistic but Poi is the only thing that has opened both of these characteristics up to me to see.

WELL, I know I haven't really said much but I hope you will come back to visit and see my New Posts and Updates, and through those I hope you learn all you need to know about me=).

Thank You all,