Flowlights have a Lifetime Warranty??

So if you've been following me you would know that back in the beginning of November I broke a flowlight and havent been able to make a new video since. Well I recenetly was introduced to Flowtoys' Lifetime warranty that i had no idea about. Basically heres the deal :

If the light is defective/not working and not physically damaged (cracks or split shell), they will replace it for free.
If the light is defective and physically damaged (cracked, split), they will replace it for $9.50/light+$2/shipping (US) or $3/overseas.

...not bad for a badass Poi toy..VVVVVVVVV

To protect and entertain, In party we trust, Them other DJs ain't fuckin' with us!

Another 1 of yet my favorite DJ's, who is also behind the Day & Night Kid Cudi Remix! CROOKERS!

Haunted GSC Collaboration

These guys are SICK! Since I'm so low on cash instead of Led lights I'll most likely be glowsticking. I would also like to throw fire here in the near future. Maybe i should buy kerosene and wait on getting glowsticks??? lemme know what you guys think


Poi Pendants: New Version

This little Video Caught my attention and just thought i would share. Just found it kinda cool that I wear puka shells and had no idea that they were in any relation to Poi whatsoever. I dont know if these Pendants aremade of puka shells but they have the same look to them. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

"I don't know which came first: shitty rave music, drugs..."

This, ladies and gentleman, Is AC Slater, Current Favorite DJ, transforming a Henry Rollins rant on raves into a sick track. Enjoy!

"I don't know which came first: shitty rave music, drugs..."

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Do Stars Spawn Giant Black Holes?

Do Stars Spawn Giant Black Holes?


On December 19 ECLECTIC GROOVES AND M.I.A. present a night of pure jungle drum n bass sickness! Any fan of jungle drum n bass would be nuts to miss this night that will feature Danny The Wildchild, Phantom 45, Alfonz De La Mota and Stunna, the top 4 chicago dnb representatives taking Chicago to cities all over the nation! along with an east coast don DSTAR.

DSTAR, metalheads,human, freak, intabeats - Philadelphia
Danny The Wildchild, sur america, canvas - Chicago
Phantom 45, bbp, lava - Chicago
Hired Guns (Alfonz De La Mota & MC Infinity) m.i.a., chicago/akron
DJ Stunna, bassdrive.com, fokus, defunked-Chicago
Phil Freeart, original rave master! - chicago
Mega Mike, konkrete jungle chicago, tfu, m.i.a. - chicago
Riverman vs M1D1, combat records, untouchable m.i.a. djs - chicago
KODE X, original soljazz crew, m.i.a. chicago (bday set!)

more info and location call day of event :

eclectic grooves :: 773 353 2222
m.i.a. djs - http://mia.rollin.com (address posted on front page day of event)
$10 w flyer $15 w o
secret underground venue. 1 room, 1 vibe.