Hey, I'm Nick May, and this is my blog =). I'm a 17 year old senior in high school, A skateboarder, an only child, a guitar hero god, and overall just an easy going, take each day as it comes, kind of guy. oh, and i got really cool hair=).

The purpose for me starting this is to promote Poi, Freehanding, and PLUR(Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). I have been throwing poi for about 7 months now and ever since I've started its just been one of those things thats just hard for me to stop. You can call it an addiction but addiction is such a negative word so I would rather you like to think of it as a Passion of mine.

Growing up, I've been told I'm creative, and I've been told I'm artistic but Poi is the only thing that has opened both of these characteristics up to me to see.

WELL, I know I haven't really said much but I hope you will come back to visit and see my New Posts and Updates, and through those I hope you learn all you need to know about me=).

Thank You all,