Pursuit of Happiness

Jawan's Rude Goofy String Wake up By: Nick May


Dirty Beatz Productions Presents


Jen Lasher // Electro // One Love, Big in Ibiza // NYC/Baltimore
Keith Mackenzie // Breaks // I11elven Eleven // Chicago, IL
DJ 02 // Dirty Beatz Productions // Grand Rapids, MI
Adam Ortiz // Grand Rapids, MI
Random Sample // Grand Rapids, MI

*** This is the first Grand Rapids appearance for Jen Lasher and Keith Mackenzie ***

WHEN: Saturday March 6th 2010
WHERE: The Venue 4072 Lake Michigan Drive Grand Rapids , MI
18 + WITH ID
Doors open at 9pm
$10 at the door

Lasers provided by Dirty Beatz Productions

We are working on an afterhours for this event. Details will be given at the event.

If you purchased presale tickets from Down & Dirty bring your ticket/ticket stub to this event as they will be validated at this event. If you purchased tickets online we have all of your info. Be sure to bring your id to obtain your ticket.

Because we are validating the down & dirty tickets get there early to make sure you get in.

DharmaGrav FreeHand Video

So recieved my replacement flowlights and i must say, It's like falling in love all over again. Actually, now I'm taking 10 times better care with them than before...This time theres a protective casing...and not the casing sold by flowtoys. This is all me home-made idea. BUBBLE-WRAP!!!!.. still get all the illuminating effects all the versatility. Well heres my newest Youtube Vid; If you hadn't noticed i changed my stage name=) lol

Enjoy and as always PLUR,


Sitting at College bored as heel. Got an hour to waste. So i figured lets blog a bit since its not blocked.. woot! Currently I'm listening to Price of Gas by Bloc Party...Awesome song! I do enjoy the eye candy around campus although theres not much of it=/.

♫I can tell you how this ends♫
♫Were gunna win this!♫
♫Were gunna win this!♫
♫Were gunna win this!♫
♫Were gunna win...♫

^^^^That would be me singing in my head =9

I hate slow computers! I've honestly tryed 2424 times to get logged into my facebook. shitty!

Well I'm gunna go find someone ik to hang with.


P.S : I wanna change my trade name..any ideas?? send me an e-mail : bknickmay@gmail.com

What do you want for Christmas This Year?!?!?!?

How bout a Dirty Bassline??

<a href="http://dubstepsanta.bandcamp.com/track/dubstep-santa-christmas-bassline">Dubstep Santa (CHRISTMAS BASSLINE) by Dubstep Santa</a>

Flowtoys! (Works Every Time)

I support Flowtoys as much as i can. Although the action is simple the point is made. AWESOME GLOW TOY. PERIOD.